Cardiologists suggested what vegetable is especially useful for hypertensive patients

Кардиологи подсказали, какой овощ особенно полезен гипертоникам

Eat beets and stay healthy.Is there anything to eat, tasty and healthy? No matter what product to buy, to contain more is needed for our body substances? When we ask ourselves these questions, as a rule, pay attention to all sorts of exotic products which are brought from other parts of the world.

But it is time to remember that we have a backyard to grow plants that can rightly be called a storehouse of substances, the use of which in food will give our bodies a huge favor. Talk about such a common product, tasty and healthy beetroot.

Valuable than beets?Beets – a product containing many useful and necessary for our body substances.

The vitaminsIn this plant is a lot of various vitamins, in doses that are consistent with the needs of our body. Discovered:

Vitamin a – Vitamin C – Vitamin B1 – Vitamin E – Folic acid (B9) – Vitamin PP – Vitamin U – minerals

In the composition of beet discovered such valuable substances as:

potassium – magnesium – iodine – sodium – zinc – copper – manganese – cobalt – phosphorus – fluorine – calcium – iron – rubidium – cesium

In addition to the beets include a lot of fiber, pectin and organic acids. All this makes this plant a valuable product with healing properties.

Beet healingas a medicine this plant was used from the time of ancient Greece. Mention of its useful properties there are in the writings of Hippocrates, Cicero and Plutarch.

Drinking beet has a positive effect on many organs and systems of the body. So it improves cardiovascular system and reduces cholesterol in the blood. Beets are also used for lowering blood pressure.

In the composition of the beet has a lot of iron and copper. This makes it a product that can increase the level of hemoglobin. Accordingly, the use of this root is recommended for anemia.

A large number of vitamins and mineral salts in the composition of the beets have a restorative effect and stimulate the immune system.

Beetroot is a source of antioxidants – this means that it prevents excessive oxidation in the body. Substances included in the composition of the beet normalize fat metabolism.

In the beet discovered valuable organic ingredient is betaine. It contributes to the formation of choline. Choline is very important for the normal functioning of the liver, it prevents fatty degeneration of this organ.

The beet is a sufficiently large number of iodine. This means that eating this product, we provides thyroid the right amount of this element. Accordingly, the beet helps to normalize metabolic processes in the body.

Cellulose and pectin contained in the composition of this plant, passing through the intestines, stimulates its work and adsorb toxins. So we can talk about anti-cancer properties of beets. Additionally, this productsused digestion and normalizes the intestinal microflora.

A root vegetable cooked in any way, has a laxative effect, so it is recommended to frequently include in the diet of those who is prone to constipation. Known and diuretic properties of this root. This means that it is useful for those who are prone to edema.

In what form is beets?To “recharge” useful substances contained in the beet can be eaten as roots and leaves of the plant. The beetroots can be steamed, boiled or eaten raw. The leaves of the plant are added to salads and entrees. Use also the juice of the plant.

Beets are particularly valuable in the period autumn-spring, when many other fruits and vegetables become less available. Besides, in many products to spring sharply reduced the amount of vitamins. The value of beet in the fact that it retains all its vitamins almost throughout the year.

Caution, contraindications!Any medication in certain cases may cause harm. And even if instead of the medication you use useful food product, sometimes its use may be desirable. The beets also have contraindications. To limit its number in the menu or to exclude it from the diet you need to:

People suffering from diseases of the kidneys and bladder

Those who have gastritis with high acidity

During exacerbation of gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer

Beet is valuable in all respects a product that is easy to find in stores. Besides, it is easy to cook and delicious to eat. Eat beets and stay healthy!

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