Careful déconfinement to Moscow in the face of a coronavirus persistent

Prudent déconfinement à Moscou face à un coronavirus persistant

Moscow | The Russian capital, relying on the improvement shy of its epidemiological situation, reopens Monday, its shops closed for two months, but, prudence requires, millions of Muscovites must remain confined to their homes.

President Vladimir Putin awaits him, that the government submit a plan of economic recovery until 2021 to meet the blows inflicted by the pandemic of the novel coronavirus.

“Its main purpose is the transition to a path towards sustainable growth, with an increase of the income of our citizens,” said, according to Russian agencies, the prime minister Mikhail Michoustine, the country building because of the pandemic on a fall in its GDP of 5% to 6% this year.

If the epidemic seems to be stabilized since the second half of may, the capital continues to record a large number of new cases, 2297, in accordance with the statement of Monday, and 76 deaths.

In total, Russia has identified 9035 more cases and 162 deaths, bringing the totals respective to 414 878 4855. Many regions have been able to remove the restrictions before Moscow, the severity of the epidemic is less pronounced.

After two months of closure in the capital, the economic engine of the country, the reopening of businesses is a measure that is very much expected as their finances are bloodless, in spite of the government measures of tax deferral or interest-free loans.

Olga, a saleswoman of a shop of handbags and jewellery in the neighbourhood of the metro station Oktyabrskaya, looked forward to Monday finally being able to work.

“The money will circulate,”

“We opened it two hours ago, but you can see that there are already a few customers. I am rather optimistic, I think people are going to come back little by little,” she says to AFP.

“The money will start to flow,” smiles Olga.

According to a study published by the strategic research Center in April, nearly a third of the Russian companies face bankruptcy due to the falling demand caused by the epidemic and containment. The retail trade and services are the most affected, the study says.

If the stores and malls re — second step of the déconfinement after the recovery of the industry and building sites in mid-may, the inhabitants of the capital will have to wait at least until 14 June before being able to move freely.

If they can now do more than just food shopping, dressed in masks and gloves, the millions of Muscovites who do not have passes authorizing them to work outside their homes will still have to spend most of their time at home.

The walks are permitted since Monday, but only three times per week in accordance with a system of niches, based on the address of each and the complexity of which is such that he was widely mocked online.

The mayor of the city, Sergueï Sobianine, found it necessary to such a mechanism, fearing that too many people do come out both in the streets and in the parks.

Military parade

All the leisure places, including restaurants, cinemas, playgrounds and sports fields will remain closed. And it remains forbidden to sit on public benches, even if this is not respected.

The next step in the déconfinement of the Russian capital should not take place before two weeks.

Because the authorities have a date in the line of sight to a semblance of normality: on 24 June, the day of the grand military parade commemorating the soviet ‘ victory over the nazis. It should have taken place on 9 may, but the Kremlin had to decide to postpone it — reluctantly, since he was counting on this event to celebrate the power regained by the Russian federation to the international.

The spokesman of the presidency, Dmitri Peskov, said on Sunday in a tv show hope that the containment measures have been lifted by the date of the parade.

“We will hope that to the parade, there will be almost nothing to this regime,” he said.

The Kremlin must also choose shortly the new date for a referendum to open the way for mandates additional potential for Vladimir Putin. Expected in April, had been postponed because of the new coronavirus.

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