Carelessness brought the man thousands of dollars

A fan of gambling participated in virtual races

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3 APR, 07:02

Невнимательность принесла мужчине тысячи долларов

Rick Forman won 13.6 thousand dollars

Resident, Rick Forman from Wichita, Kansas, made a mistake in a lottery ticket and won 13.6 thousand dollars.

The man admitted that he had participated in a virtual race Racetrax for the first time. “I wanted to try. I took a playing card and put four dollars on one race — says the American. — However, I made a mistake and chose the ten races.”

A fan of gambling decided not to amend the game and paid $ 40 for their participation. As a result, the foreman got the big jackpot. “Fourth race became for me happy. If I hadn’t made a mistake, I wouldn’t have a winner,” the man explained in a comment to UPI.

Foreman plans to pay off debts, and the rest of the cash prize to save for the future. Lucky American also added that it will continue to play virtual horse racing.

Earlier, the organizers of the lottery Mega Millions announced that a resident of South Carolina, who wished to remain anonymous, turned to him with a statement to claim the jackpot of $ 1.5 billion. In addition, earlier it became known that the winning ticket of Mega Millions, giving the right to receive the jackpot in the amount of 521 million dollars, was sold in new Jersey. We also wrote that in July, the lucky guy from California got the jackpot in the amount of 522 million dollars.

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Невнимательность принесла мужчине тысячи долларов

Невнимательность принесла мужчине тысячи долларов

Невнимательность принесла мужчине тысячи долларов


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