Carla Moreau on her difficult childbirth : “I fell into the apples again.”

Carla Moreau sur son accouchement difficile : "je tombais dans les pommes à chaque fois"

Carla Moreau on her difficult childbirth : “I fell into the apples again.”

5 days after having given birth to a little girl named Ruby, Carla, Moreau breaks the silence and confides about her difficult childbirth. The sweetheart of Kévin Guedj we were able to see in The Marseille VS. the rest of the World 4 on W9 explains why she had to stay allité until yesterday…

It is on Instagram that Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj announced the birth of their daughter Ruby on October 1, 2019. “Our Princess Ruby was born that night at 5: 45 I promise I’ll love you to make you happy for the rest of your life… we are now a family of 3. Thank you to my darling who was also the most courageous of all men @kevinguedj I love you so much”, announced the candidate of Marseille VS the rest of the world by writing, without for as much to say anymore.

Carla Moreau returns to his birth “difficult”

This Saturday, 5 October 2019, the friend of Maeva Ghennam (who has offered Louboutins the baby) is finally out of the silence on Snapchat. “I was absent on my social networks for a week because I wasn’t at the top of my form.” The sweetheart of Kévin Guedj explains that the birth has been difficult : “The delivery was a little bit hard. No, I have not had a c-section. It’s just that I had a small delivery quite tiring. Otherwise everything goes well. I couldn’t walk or get up because I fell into the apples every time I woke up. It was pretty hard the first 4 days. It was frustrating, I couldn’t take care of my daughter like I wanted to. Luckily she has a dad’s extraordinary care of her. It felt a little pain not to be able to move and having to stay in bed to have it with me.”

The sweetheart of Kévin Guedj will be better

After 4 days of rest, Carla is again : “Since yesterday, I was finally able to get up alone so I’m too happy. I still have a voltage a little low but it’s okay”. These few difficult days are nothing beside the happiness to have hosted her daughter : “she is too beautiful. I don’t sleep a lot because I do that watch the night. I’m in love with my daughter, I love it”, she says, adding “Yes, it is an event, a birth, it is difficult, but if had to do 10, I’d do it 10 times. It is just a short moment compared to the love that you are going to have a time you’ll have it on you.”

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