Carol admitted, as he dressed and walked through the homes of others: “gave a Lot”

Кароль призналась, как переодевалась и ходила по чужих домах: "Много давали"

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As you know, before the New year remained a matter of days, and a number of Ukrainian celebrities have shared about their own traditions of celebrating Christmas holidays. So, the famous dancer, choreographer and participant of the project “dancing with the stars” Elena Shoptenko admitted that this year is special, because everyone wants to make their own.

Кароль призналась, как переодевалась и ходила по чужих домах: "Много давали"

Alain Shoptenko

“This year, I first decided to seriously start decorating the house: we went to the supermarket to buy all the branches, wreaths, toys in the same style. We have beautiful red and white decor everywhere, because I like to decorate not only the inside of the house, and even a tree that grows in the street, bought the deer. Also this year I want to cook a full thanksgiving dinner. Every year I cook salad Olivier recipe from my mother with a rather unusual recipe, but it’s a secret. In the same year, I will cook and main dishes”.

Also about the celebration of the New year, and told the woman “Quarter 95” Elena Kravets, who confessed that her perfect recipe looks very simple.

“I want to sit cross-legged on the couch, take something sweet in hand and a big Cup of tea and to look at the bright oklaht,” says the Joker.

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Кароль призналась, как переодевалась и ходила по чужих домах: "Много давали"

Elena Kravets, 24 channel

In addition, the openness and “shot” the famous singer Tina Karol, who shared their wishes and memories.

“His childhood and school years I spent in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, I was brought up with respect and reverence for our traditions. For me there are two main holiday of the year, which is to meet the whole family is Easter and Christmas. Since childhood, I know what Christmas carols Ukrainian Christmas traditions. I remember we went was sherawali home, and gave us lots of candy. As dressed in costumes and prepared for the den, carrying the glad tidings that “Christ is Born! Glorify him! And I remember in music school we even studied the lessons of the songs of the fortune-telling at Christmas. When he moved to Kiev, I felt that there was a lack of these traditions. And I really want to show all Ukrainians what the real Christmas, to send his spirit and to promote our rich culture among young people“, – the singer admits.

Кароль призналась, как переодевалась и ходила по чужих домах: "Много давали"

Tina Karol,

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