Carol Balan pregnant? In the leaked photograph

Кароль беременна от Балана? В сеть просочилась уникальная фотография

today, 21:24

As you know, the famous Ukrainian artist Tina Karol actively собственнуюInstagram page and often pleases fans of various photos and videos. However, this time we are not talking about new photos of celebrities, which she published in social networks. And about the fan, which is associated with pregnancy stars.

After all, due to the fact that the Internet is already walking a lot of rumors about the novel with Carol the least popular Dan Balan, supporters decided to dream and imagine, and how would look like pregnant celebrity again. And it’s worth noting that the photo turned out quite interesting.

Кароль беременна от Балана? В сеть просочилась уникальная фотография

Screenshot photo

Note that Carol does not like to talk about my personal life, especially about her husband, which seven years ago passed away, and tries by all means to avoid these side conversations, However, in connection with the 35th anniversary of the celebrity made a Frank admission as to why her beloved Eugene Ogier stopped working on the M1.

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Previously portal “ Agency” reported that the mysterious belly of Tina Karol deprived Ukrainians of sleep.

The portal also “Know.Eeyore” wrote that incredible Tina Karol was fascinated by the network of sensual photos.

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