Carol left the “Dancing with the stars” for my son Benjamin: “Asked for an unusual gift”

Кароль покинула "Танцы со звездами" ради сына Вениамина: "Попросил необычный подарок"

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The famous Ukrainian singer and host of “dancing with the stars” Tina Karol exactly eleven years ago, on November 18, was born her son Benjamin.

As noted, to spend this important day for her and her son, the star decided in London, where Benjamin learns. Therefore, for the sake of Karol the first time I missed the live show “dancing with the stars”, however, it was not critical for the program – it was replaced by a no less famous Catherine Osadchaya.

Кароль покинула "Танцы со звездами" ради сына Вениамина: "Попросил необычный подарок"

Carol and Benjamin

According to celebrity on his birthday Benjamin asked interesting and unusual gift.

“Benjamin wants to visit the national Museum of history of Ukraine. Asked me to make him such an unusual gift on birthday. And he very much would like to come from London to Kiev for the concert “Christmas story with Tina Karol,” – said Karol.

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