Carol, Osadchaya, Pit, Kuhar, Potap admired images for Halloween 2019: try to find out celebrities

Кароль, Осадчая, Яма, Кухар, Потап восхитили образами на Хеллоуин 2019: попытайтесь узнать знаменитостей

today, 03:30

October 31 was a favorite not only by Europeans and Americans, and Ukrainians the holiday of Halloween. So, every year in our country, the holiday is gaining momentum in the popular clubs organize theme parties, stars of show business try unexpected images.

Katya Osadchaya tried himself in the role of Morticia from “the Addams Family” and the red Queen, but a hot Brunet like followers much more.

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Tina appeared in the form of a gentle angel.

Potap this year went on holiday with his wife Nastya Kamensky in Sunny Mexico, but reminded fans about a favorite image of the pastor from last Halloween.

Vladimir Ostapchuk was posing in the image of the mentally ill.

Catherine Kuhar appeared on the show “dancing with the stars” with his own head in his hands, and tried on the image of the Puzzle.

Vlad Yama tried on the image of the Skull, hiding among the pumpkins.

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Nastya Kamensky took a selfie in the mirror and was intrigued by plans for the future.

Also Ani Lorak decided to show another selfie from the car.

And Olga Polyakova together with Lesia Nikityuk took part in the show designer Andre tan during Ukrainian fashion week.

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