Carol Sanin and fascinated Ukrainians incredible duet: the song “Vilna” that will delight everyone

Кароль и Санина очаровали украинцев невероятным дуэтом: песня "Вільна" восхитит каждого

yesterday, 17:38

The famous Ukrainian singer, coach of the show “Golos Krainy” Tina loves to delight fans with new pictures in Instagram. Celebrity boasted a feminine frame, posing with the lead singer of the band The Hardkiss Julia Sanina. So, the actress was intrigued by the new Duo, which you so long dreamed of fans, singing the soundtrack called “Free” for the film “Vadana”, which, incidentally, will be released on January 16.

“#VILNA: the Premiere of a duet with the leader of the group @the_hardkiss Julia Sanina already on @youtube” – succinctly stated Carol. Followers were delighted with the tender images of girls and collaboration of the Duo: “a Terrific duet🔥two strong, beautiful and talented people🌸🌸🌸”, “this is by far the best Duo!!the song is very beautiful and meaningful. and you, Julia, madly beautiful💔”, “This song is unreal😍no words to describe my admiration🤤”, “Amazing😍loved🔥”, “DV nevereverland nails Ukrainian bubochki 🔥”, “Nadzvychaina strong blows that vikonannya…. Bravo!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻”.

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