Cars robbed at Arvida

A young man who was stealing cars inside Arvida was arrested by Saguenay police on Saturday.
All of Billy Pothier’s family was in the courtroom at the Courthouse in Chicoutimi on Friday to attend the 21-year-old release hearing on May 21. According to what was reported in court, Billy Pothier phoned an acquaintance on Tuesday night to threaten him with death. He told her that he was going home to settle his case. On the way, Billy Pothier, armed with a .12 cut-off caliber and a knife whose blade was about 12 inches, would have stopped in front of a residence in Jonquière, where two people were sitting on the gallery. These two people, a man and a woman, have no connection with Pothier.

“Do you have a problem?” Reported the accused to the two alleged victims.

Billy Pothier then climbed the steps to the gallery, threatening the two with his gun.

“Are you ready to die? And your blonde, is she ready to see you die? “The young man would have started. Billy Pothier would then have dropped his weapon, but would have continued his threats at the point of a knife, saying that he “was going to pierce it, and that it would not be the only one at night to be pierced.” The panic would obviously have settled, and the woman would have returned inside, in shock.

That’s when Pothier’s wife arrived, summoning her boyfriend to stop and leave the couple alone.

Pothier reportedly retreated, returning home. The police, who had already been alerted by the first alleged victim – the man who had received threats by phone – received a new appeal for help from the couple. According to Crown Attorney Marianne Girard, the woman would suffer from post-traumatic shock.

Billy Pothier was finally arrested at his home, not far away, in the early morning hours. He has been detained since that time. Presumed innocent, the young man pleaded not guilty.

Consumption problems

Friday, during his release investigation, the problems of alcohol consumption of Pothier were mentioned in court. His lawyer, Julien Boulianne, asked that his client be sent to a therapy center to solve this problem.

It should be noted that Billy Pothier underwent a first closed therapy, which ended in April 2018, this time for problems of drug use. This therapy was suggested after Billy Pothier was charged with mischief. In his own words, Billy Pothier used cannabis, crack, cocaine, ecstasy and blotter. He also takes a daily medication, including an antipsychotic.

Billy Pothier told the judge that he had not reverted to drugs since his first therapy, which was confirmed by his mother, called to testify, but he had developed an alcohol addiction in recent weeks . He could drink up to 12 beers each night, but never consumed during his working hours, he assured.

In tears, the young man begged the judge to agree to send him to therapy, “since he wanted to get rid of it (alcohol) and have a family life”. His wife carries her child.

While the accused cried a lot during his release investigation, he regularly smiled at his family, also sending “kisses blown” to his wife.

Crown Attorney Marianne Girard objected to the accused being sent to therapy. She argued that the risk of re-offending was significant and that public safety could be compromised if Pothier left detention. The young man will be entitled to outings if his therapy is going well.

For her part, Mr. Boulianne said that the accused was well supported by his family and that this kind of therapy was more like detention than freedom.

Justice Richard P. Daoust stated that the young age of the accused and the fact that his family was at his side were encouraging.

Billy Pothier took the path to the therapy center L’Envolée, located in Shefford.

The report of his therapy will be filed in court on November 15th. If found guilty at the end of his trial, Pothier faces a five-year prison sentence, since the crime was committed with a firearm.

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