“Cars that won't be able to drive at all”: Dozens of drivers stranded after filling up at a gas station

"Cars that won't be able to drive at all": Dozens of drivers stranded after filling up at a gas station

Après avoir fait le plein dans cette station-service de Sérent, plusieurs automobilistes sont tombés en panne Capture d'écran Google Street View

Several cars broke down after refueling at an Intermarché service station in Morbihan.

In Morbihan, several motorists had a very unpleasant surprise when going to fill up during the week of June 17. Indeed, in the Intermarché service station de Sérent, the fuel served to customers was adulterated. The brand has not yet been able to explain the reasons for this incident, indicates Le Ploermelais.

"It definitely comes from us, but we don't yet know the reasons" admits the supermarket manager. "It may be a sealing problem or bad fuel. Both ?". For the time being, the gas station has been closed as a precaution.

"The bill is heavy for a single full"

On Facebook, several drivers share their bad experiences. "We have been without a car since June 19, two days after filling up with diesel at Sérent station. Our vehicle is still immobilized", writes an Internet user. "Concerned too. Fully loaded on the 17th, broke down on the 19th. Car in the garage for the moment", another complains.

These many motorists were therefore forced to pay towing and repair costs. Some even had to find a rental car in a hurry.  "I hope that the brand will offer compensation financial. We have all our vehicles immobilized. Potentially cars that will no longer be able to run at all. The bill is heavy for a simple full tank", complains a motorist to our colleagues.

Unable to offer a commercial gesture to its customers, the company nevertheless communicated its insurance number to the affected drivers, our colleagues report.

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