Casanova, a sweet couple and the killer doll: what to watch in the cinema this week 24-30 June

On the screens out Comedy with Charlize Theron in the title role

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Казанова, сладкая парочка и кукла-убийца: что посмотреть в кино на этой неделе 24-30 июня

“The two of us”

In Ukrainian cinemas from June 27, you can see six new Prime Minister. This week, 24-30 June in the movie you can see the British Comedy, French Thriller, horror, Comedy with Charlize Theron in the title role, a historical Thriller, and a Thriller with Gary Oldman as viad and Jessica Alba in the lead roles. We offer a list of movies – what to see in the cinema this week, 24-30 June 2019.


In the English wilderness living Jack Malik, who makes his living from performing in cheap bars. It supports the girl – Ellie, who believes that one day glory will come to Jack. Everything changes when a guy gets hit by a bus and he wakes up with the realization that the whole world knows about the existence of The Beatles. Only he remembers all the lyrics. Jack gives legendary for their songs and becomes a star of world scale. But now he has to risk to lose Ellie.

“The last love Casanova”

After yet another love scandal, Casanova is forced to flee from Paris to London. In this vicious town, he meets a courtesan Marianne de Scorpion. A woman so sunk into his soul that in order to win her over, Casanova is ready to break any walls. But the willful beauty again eludes him. Lover boy almost mad, but the girl puts the condition that: she will be his only when he no longer wants.

“The Curse Of Annabelle, 3”

Ed and Lorraine Warren are hiding a sinister doll, Annabelle consecrated under glass in a closed room of artifacts in his house. But the doll, possessed by demons, I manage to Wake up the evil spirits of the room. Now the target of supernatural beings becomes a ten year old daughter of Warren – Judy and her friends.

“The two of Gamble”

Charlotte field – the most influential businesswoman in the world and the journalist-loser Fred Filarski – what could be common between them? She’s beautiful, smart and successful woman, unattainable star, but he’s the scribbler, which is self-destructive. But Fred remembers that this lovely woman had once been his babysitter, and he loves her since childhood. An unexpected meeting…and Fred is already running Charlotte’s speechwriter. A woman decides to enter politics…and gets into a dangerous situation.

“Hotel “Mumbai.” Confrontation”

The movie is based on real events that occurred in 2008 in India, when there was a series of bloody terrorist attacks. The story connects completely different, unknown to each other people. But now they are closer to each other than blood relatives – they were in the midst of events at the most inopportune moment.

“Club anonymous killers”

Psychological support is necessary for all, even killers. The murderer has his own private club in a secret place, where they share their experiences. Killers are taught how not to cultivate violence. Here there are completely different people: a priest, a teenage girl, the doctor and others. But to trust their secrets dangerous, especially a contingent. Recently, one of them killed a U.S. Senator and club members suspect each other. Killers even can’t imagine that the long are associated with work at one organization. Now each of them has a choice: to kill or to order to be killed himself.

Recall that in Ukrainian cinemas from the 20th of June you can already see the seven new premieres: Thriller, cartoon, Comedy, horror movies.

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