Case Christian Quesada : a former candidate of the 12 strokes of noon fact revelations shock

Affaire Christian Quesada : une ex candidate des 12 coups de midi fait des révélations choc

Case Christian Quesada : two former candidates of the 12 o’clock reveal that it would have sent pictures of his penis.

Indicted and arrested for “possession of images of child pornography” and “corruption of a minor”, Christian Quesada would have also had an attitude moved toward a former candidate of the 12 coups de midi, and another woman. Audrey and Emeline were in effect told that the champion would have sent photos very intimate.

“He started to tell me about his cock twisted”

The revelations about Christian Quesada continue. While the champion of the 12 strokes of noon has been indicted and arrested for “possession of images of child pornography” and “corruption of a minor”, it would have already been involved in three affairs with minors. And now, two of the women said they had been “victims” of that which is in provisional detention. Audrey explained to Closer (in the issue of Friday 5 April 2019, editor’s note) in 2016, then 26 years old, she would have sent a message “to congratulate him on his course”.

“We started to discuss regularly (…) We had a real friendly relationship” she detailed, but their friendship took another turn when Christian Quesada would have wanted to share photos intimate sex with her. “He explains to me that he is stressed, he has palpitations, and what’s more, it was his tail that twists. He knew that I was a care assistant and wanted to send me a photo to get my opinion,” confided Audrey, who would then have refused.

She added : “In march 2018, while I took of his new, he began to speak to me about his ‘kiki twisted’ and I was again offered a photo. I again refused and I cut ties with him”.

“He sent me three photos of his penis”

Apparently, Audrey would not be the only young woman concerned. Emeline, who participated in the game show hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann, had also 26 years old in 2016 when Christian Quesada would have had the same inappropriate behavior. She revealed to Closer : “I’ve had the opportunity to have lunch with him. We had not talked a lot. Then, I had found on Facebook and Twitter and he had sent me a private message”. At the beginning they talked about “everything and nothing. Of our lives. We are taking new. We had friendly exchanges unequivocal”.

But their exchanges have also turned in a direction she was not expecting : “I had never dredged before sending me pictures of her sex”. “He told me that he had fallen on an ice patch, it was open to the front, had seven stitches and that he had twisted the tail off” she said, “He has sent me three photos of his penis to show me”.


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