Case Christian Quesada : “What a horror, I want to vomit” says Jean-Luc Reichmann

Affaire Christian Quesada : "Quelle horreur, j'ai envie de vomir" avoue Jean-Luc Reichmann

Case Christian Quesada : “What a horror, I want to vomit” says Jean-Luc Reichmann

Indicted and arrested for corruption of a minor and possession of child pornography images, Christian Quesada is still in remand prison. Jean-Luc Reichmann, who runs The 12 strokes of noon, has again highlighted the case on the former champion of the show. In anger, one that embodies Leo Mattei has especially regretted that it is more about the candidate than of the victims and has made it known his disgust over this whole story.

“Anger is as strong as ever”

Invited on the set of C à vous on France 5 this Monday, April 15, 2019, Jean-Luc Reichmann was again expressed about Christian Quesada. The one that has The 12 strokes of noon was as a promotion for the play (gay version) Night of drunkenness, originally created by Josiane Balasko, and which had been adapted into a movie in 1986 with in the leading roles Josiane Balasko and Thierry Lhermitte.

But the moderator Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine has also tried to learn more about what he thought of this whole affair with the former candidate. “It is difficult to décolérer” he confided, “anger is as strong as ever” because “it talks about an individual, we do not speak of victims (…) are my constant fighting for years”.

Case Christian Quesada : “What a horror, I want to vomit” says Jean-Luc Reichmann

Pissed off by this story, Jean-Luc Reichmann had already reacted on social networks. And it am thinking especially of the victims, to Christian Quesada. “When you have the minors’ brigade, which the next day of this case calls me and told me : ‘Jean-Luc we need you, your word is 10 times higher, 100 times higher, 1000 times higher, all the messages that you will pass through Leo Mattei (the series of TF1, editor’s note), they will be a thousand times more the fact that we’, and we do not speak of victims,” he explained, recalling that “this individual has two young children, we do not speak, you can imagine, we are responsible”.

“Why are all these people who are talking about today I was not warned ?”

Which also put Jean-Luc Reichmann angry, it is the fact of not be realized anything. “This is it, this is nothing they have seen” which makes it even more “unbearable”, he stated in the show. “You can not imagine the scope, if this story can allow our children to no longer have this fear to express themselves, if it can help our children, I will be most happy,” he added.

However, the facilitator does not understand why the older candidate who had referred to the inappropriate behavior of Christian Quesada with it has not prevented the string before : “a Lot of people talking, I wonder who these people are (…) Why do all these people who speak today I have not accused me, have not called TF1, have not called the production, why these people come three years later ?”.

Ditto for Patrice Laffont, who had been a candidate in its program previously, and who would have had doubts about him. “It’s me talking about it this summer during a game of petanque. He said to me, ‘this guy I’ve never felt’ when he was no longer on air for 2 years” – told Jean-Luc Reichmann, “I was arrested, but why now”.

In the end, the home tv can’t even pronounce the name of the former champion : “What a horror, what disgust, I want to puke”.


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