Case Epstein: her ex-collaborator, Ghislaine Maxwell arrested in the United States

Affaire Epstein: son ex-collaboratrice Ghislaine Maxwell arrêtée aux États-Unis

Ghislaine Maxwell, the ex-collaborator of financial new york-deceased Jeffrey Epstein, accused by several of the alleged victims of the latter have helped to recruit them, has been arrested in the United States, confirmed on Thursday a spokesman for the FBI.

The office of the federal prosecutor of Manhattan, in charge of the case of Epstein, has announced a press conference at noon to present the charges against the daughter of the ex-magnate, british Robert Maxwell.

The arrest in the State of New Hampshire (north-east) of Ghislaine Maxwell, 58 years, holder of several passports, is a rebound the major scandal.

Accused of multiple sexual assaults on minor girls, Jeffrey Epstein was a figure of the international jet-set, including the address book had many celebrities in Europe and the United States, including prince Andrew or former u.s. president Bill Clinton, before being arrested and then being found dead in prison in New York in August 2019.

Ghislaine Maxwell was a very close associate and was briefly his girlfriend.

After the death of Jeffrey Epstein, the american minister of Justice had promised to continue the investigation and to track down possible accomplices. Ghislaine Maxwell was on the top of the list.

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