Case Weinstein : “It was time that something’s going on,” salutes the creator of the #balancetonporc

The producer Harvey Weinstein, who was accused of rape and sexual assault, must be present Friday to the us judicial authorities. “We are relieved,” responded Sandra Muller on franceinfo.

Affaire Weinstein : "Il était temps que quelque chose se passe", salue la créatrice du #balancetonporc

Sandra Muller, the origin of the hashtag #BalanceTonPorc, photographed in New York city (United States). (DR.)

Seven months after the revelations in the case of Harvey Weinstein and the suspicion of rape and sexual assault, the american producer must explain Friday, may 25, before the judicial authorities of New York. “A woman has been appointed at the beginning of the month, a new prosecutor, and surprisingly, a few days later, Harvey Weinstein is making“, said on franceinfo, Sandra Muller, the origin of the word key #balancetonporc.

franceinfo : How do you welcome this news ?

Sandra Muller : That’s still seven months that the case lasts, not to mention that it’s been over twenty years that it has started, so it was time that something is happening. There are still 100 accusers – officially 80, but in fact it is 100 – it is huge. Why now, what happened ? It is quite outrageous : it had been a prosecutor, Eric Schneiderman, who was on the record, and he had to resign it a short time ago following allegations of abuse and violence on her companions. That is what happened to that, finally, he decides to go ? It has just had an attorney general different.

The lawyer Harvey Weinstein is the same as that of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, for which he has obtained, in 2011, the abandonment of the proceedings in the case of the Sofitel. Are you afraid that these cases are settled in the same manner, by a cheque, as is often the case in the United States ?

It was at the time, also, Cyrus Vance, the chief prosecutor of Manhattan, who was on the case. In 2015, from memory, he had a proof with a dummy that was trapped Weinstein with the assistance of the NYPD, the new york police : a video has been made with this model italy, where he was trapped, but supposedly not sufficiently trapped to be arrested and prosecuted. Already, it had been greatly criticized. After that, we can understand that Cyrus Vance, following the collapse that he had with DSK, was perhaps a little hesitant. Only, that very little is known in France, is that the attorney general would have received money from Weinstein to finance a campaign, $ 10,000. An investigation launched by the governor of New York is going to do all the lighting on this story.

Precisely, since the shock provoked by this case, do you think that new york officials will have in heart to make an example ?

I think that the authorities in new york city, and the police in particular, have worked very well, and that it coinçait up with, so two people : Eric Schneiderman and Cyrus Vance. There was one who had things to hide, the other to which nothing is proven. Now that these two people are no longer there, everything seems to take a different proportion. Maybe she was at the heart of the problem, may be because she is a woman and that she does not have pan.

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