Cat “punish” the owner for the false singing. Video

Кот "наказал" хозяина за фальшивое пение. Видео

The network is gaining popularity funny video of a pet named HarveyOrdinary house cat named Harvey became a true Internet star. Glory Pets brought its owner, and of course, the unusual behavior of the animal, reports the with reference on the Commander

Funny video cat posted user Greg Molik. The footage of the movie master Harvey, sitting comfortably on his bed, loudly and with feeling singing the song Freddie mercury “Under Pressure”, a four-legged pet him closely.

The man always hits the right notes. In the end, the cat is a fan of the band Queen, obviously with more developed musical ear, with an indignant look thrown to the owner and begins fiercely, albeit carefully, biting his hand.

“Harvey bites me to get her to stop singing”, signed Greg your video.

The number of video views on YouTube in just a day closer to a hundred thousand and rapidly continues to grow. The publication gathered a lot of feedback, in which citizens mostly support the act of cat.


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