Cat with an unusual face “launched” your own line of clothing

All items of clothing pet portrait signed by the word “Mood”

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Кот с необычной мордой "запустил" собственную линую одежды

Cat Juno

Users in the network laugh funny cat named Juno, who was born with a specific facial expression. The owner of the animal Dominic Theta, noting the unprecedented reaction to the appearance of a pet in real life, has created your pet a private account in Instagram and launched a clothing line with his image. All items of clothing portrait Juno signed the word, “Mood”, writes the Daily Mail.

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Scowl, the cat was thanks to genetics – presumably, he is a cross between the Himalayan and Burmese breeds. Seeming irritated face framed by thick hair, formed into a kind of “horns” on top. “We think it’s mostly due to his strange breed, because Juneau is actually very calm and not evil,” says Dominic Theta. Jokingly she added that, probably, her pet “ate their brothers and sisters in the womb”, so therefore has a specific appearance.

On account of the animal in Instagram signed by 184 thousand people.

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