“Catastrophic”, “hell”: this rapper tries to steal Spotify with the release of his new album, even his fans do not validate

"Catastrophic", "one hell": this rapper tries to steal Spotify with the release of his new album, even his fans do not validate

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"Catastrophic", "one hell": this rapper tries to steal Spotify with the release of his new album, even his fans don't approve

This rapper tries to steal Spotify: the idea was cool on paper but the fans do not validate While some rappers are suspected of buying streams to inflate their sales figures, there is one who had a legal idea AND original to easily increase its success. This Friday, December 2, 2022, with the release of his latest album entitled “Légende Vivante”, Lorenzo has implemented a WTF but brilliant strategy to quadruple his listening. The problem ? Her fans do not validate her at all.

The date was ticked in the agenda of all his fans, it was this Friday, December 2, 2022 that Lorenzo unveiled “Living Legend”, his brand new album. However, where this musical project was announced with 16 unreleased tracks, fans finally discovered a gigantic surprise on Spotify or Deezer. And for good reason, these are actually 68 titles which are available today.

Lorenzo robs streaming platforms with his new album

What to understand that Lorenzo – the interpreter of Nana, is the most creative and inspired artist of the moment? Yes but no. On closer inspection, these 68 titles hide an improbable detail: their duration varies each time between 31 and 45 seconds. The twist? These are not micro-pieces, but different parts belonging to different titles that have simply been cut out.

Yes, you read that right, the rapper is simply amused by dividing his pieces more or less randomly. A WTF concept, but which he fully assumes. In a video posted to his social media, he revealed that he just wanted to take the streaming universe to his own game.

Streaming platforms, what they do is that they count a stream from the moment you listen to more than thirty-one seconds of the same song, he said. Explain. So for my new album, I took care to cut all my sounds into several parts, being careful that they were longer than thirty-one seconds. (…) Like that, you will listen to a sound, but for me it will give me five streams“.

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“It's Hell”

Unfortunately, while this idea seems to have come straight from the brain of a seemingly genius (quintupling streams equates to more revenue and increased ease of obtaining Gold Records, Platinum…), it actually has a terrible flaw: it totally kills the musical experience of the fan.

Despite the care taken by Lorenzo to make this division invisible when listening to his album in the order proposed, it quickly becomes unlistenable as soon as the “random” option is activated. impossible to delete without a premium subscription. Similarly, for those who have playlists of all their favorite songs, it also becomes complicated to import titles divided in this way if you also want to use the shuffle mode.

< p>Result, without much surprise, Internet users were quick to complain on the networks. “It's not going to stream suddenly huh, impossible to put sounds in your playlist to listen to randomly. Shit idea, especially for the last album, it's disappointing. Thinking of those who don't have premium too lol“, can we read on Twitter, as well as “The marketing idea is funny but I hope it won't stay like this indefinitely, because it will surely become boring in the long run for those who want to listen to it“, “Arrow idea ultimately catastrophic, if you want to put a sound in your playlist it's hell” or even , “But suddenly your streams will have no merit because you will have to divide your number of streams by 4 to know what you are really worth and add to that those who will not like this deception“.

It remains to be seen whether this strategy was really designed for the long term or whether it was only put in place for the buzz, as it is used to, with the future arrival of the true classic edition of this album which, we recall, was presented as Lorenzo's last. To be continued.