Catherine Repacova emotionally appealed to the ex-wife of Viktor Pavlik

Lover of Viktor Pavlik responded to accusations by his ex-wife Larisa Causeway

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Екатерина Репяхова эмоционально обратилась к бывшей жене Виктора Павлика

Catherine Repacova and Larissa Sozayeva

4 Sep ex-wife of Viktor Pavlik, Larissa Sozayeva, published Nude photos of the former wife on his Facebook page, and stated that his current girlfriend Catherine Repacova pursues selfish goals in relations with Victor Pavlik. According to Causeway, the artist spends on beloved huge sums, while for her and their son money has never been.

What is Viktor Pavlik Catherine Repacova fear in a new relationship – find out in the video:

In turn, Catherine Repacholi responded to the accusations. First she left a comment under the post Causeway in Facebook. First the girl said that the story outlined Larissa Causeway based only on the words of a former driver Victor Pavlik and untrue.

“I’ll start with the fact that everything here is a lie. All information contained herein provided by a former driver Victor, who are also offended by fate, for obvious reasons. Because he’s an ex!!!”.

Repacholi said that, being married to Victor, Larisa rested twice a year, and after he moved in with a new lover, Sozayeva continued to ask Pavlik to buy her things. In addition, according to Repacholi, musician regularly donates money to them for food.

Екатерина Репяхова эмоционально обратилась к бывшей жене Виктора Павлика

Viktor Pavlik with Catherine Repacholi

“You, Larisa, in the summer vacationing abroad, skiing in winter. You, Larisa when I asked my ex-husband to buy the watch, then the jacket ( which is normal). You, Larissa asked her husband to buy a new iPhone, at that time, when he had left the house. I’ve witnessed Victor regularly sends money for food. Thousands. And so it was all 4 years. Can’t they find the money and McDonald’s? I think you need to stop trying to shift responsibility for his own life for someone else,” writes Catherine.

The girl also said that no debt of 30 thousand she had. Moreover, to visit the expensive beauty salons and travel she allowed herself even before Pavlik.

Екатерина Репяхова эмоционально обратилась к бывшей жене Виктора Павлика

Viktor Pavlik Catherine Repacova

“All childhood I traveled with my mom. Thanks to my sister( not your ex-husband), I have the habit to be served in high-quality showrooms and, in principle, to care for themselves (I for this a man is not needed).
And you know what mom, Victor is a new TV with my initiative? She refused a new phone, asking TV. You know how much Victor helps his children and grandchildren? I know!”.

To confirm his words, Repacova shared in their Instagram posts that were published before the novel, with Victor Pavlik. In them she poses in a beauty salon, the restaurant and at the airport.

Екатерина Репяхова эмоционально обратилась к бывшей жене Виктора Павлика

“I’m ready to fight for their honor!”, concluded Repacova.

Earlier, Catherine Repacholi said: “I do not believe that the good wives go.”

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