Catholic Easter 2019 date & history

Find out what day is celebrated the Catholic Easter 2019

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Католическая Пасха в 2019 году: дата и история

Catholic Easter 2019

Easter is the great Christian festival and holiday celebrating the Bright Resurrection of Christ, which is the center of biblical history. A long time Easter was called “the Feast of feasts and celebration of celebrations.”

When Catholic Easter is celebrated in 2019, what day is this holiday and why the Eastern and Western Christians do not coincide in time, celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord, find out in our article.

Date of Catholic Easter 2019

Beautiful and bright Church the festival of Easter is celebrated in many countries. But different denominations dates may vary. So Orthodox Easter 2019 falls on the end of April, the 28th number. But Catholic Easter will be celebrated a week earlier – on Sunday, April 21.

What explains this difference in dates? It’s the difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars, based on which date Orthodox and Catholic Easter may differ from each other by one, two or more weeks.

But this rule is not always valid: every few years the dates of Easter coincide, and then by all Christians – Orthodox and Catholics – have the opportunity to celebrate this great day together.

Easter: the story of the establishment of

In the year 325 at Nicaea was held the first Ecumenical Council, where the priests determined the date of Easter according to the Alexandrian Paschal. By order of the Cathedral, Easter was sliding holiday and should be celebrated on the first Sunday after the vernal equinox and full moon after full week from the time the old Testament Passover.

However, later, in the sixteenth century, the priest Christopher Clavius was voiced by a different calendar for determining the date of Easter. Since 1582, the Catholics switched to the Gregorian calendar the calculation of the Paschal, with the result that Catholic Easter often comes early Jewish or one day with her and ahead of Orthodox Easter. The Eastern Church refused to innovation and remained the Julian calendar.

Earlier we told you when you celebrate Easter, 2019 in Ukraine.

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