Cats from the gun to lead on the board

Des chats tirés au fusil à plomb sur le Plateau

MONTREAL – domestic cats have been hit by bullets from an air rifle in the streets of the Plateau-Mont-Royal, at the beginning of the month of June.

Hari, a Bengal cat, was returning from a walk in the streets near the park Fountain when his master realized that something was wrong. Caressing it, he noted the presence of a ball of lead of 5 mm pressed to the full in the back of the cat.

“I found it quite disturbing. Necessarily, it had happened in an alley because he is not going on the streets,” says Thierry, who has not wanted to reveal his family name.

The Montrealer was finally able to manually extract the lead using small tweezers and shaving the skin around the wound to avoid infections.

Other cats

By publishing his misadventure on Facebook, the resident of the Plateau has found that his cat was not the only one to have been taken as a target in the sector.

“There are two other people who have contacted me and who live in the same neighborhood. They have had the same problem a week or 15 days before,” he says.

The officers of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) have recorded the testimony of two of the masters.

“After that, I was contacted by the director of the office of the mayor of the Plateau and the SPCA to get information,” says Thierry.

Since last Friday, several residents have mentioned that the police were doing door-to-door in the area and patrols in the streets.

Flyers are also distributed by the POLICE to inform the residents.

“That is good, they conscientisent people on the fact that it is a criminal offence,” says Thierry.

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