Catwoman Jocelyn Wildenstein spent all his billions and declared bankruptcy (photos)

Женщина-кошка Джоселин Вильденштейн растратила все свои миллиарды и объявила о банкротстве (фото)

American socialite and billionaire Jocelyn Wildenstein officially declared bankruptcy. As Page Six reports, filed documents state that in its Bank account listed “zero dollars.” According to her, she now receives only $ 900 per month from social security.

77-year-old Jocelyn says that she often appeals for help to friends, so they covered her expenses.

However, Wildenstein remains in the possession of expensive property. So, she owns a luxury apartment with a total value of 11.7 million on the 51st floor of the new York trump Tower. It is, in fact, three adjacent to each other in the apartment. Apartments, however, pledged that Jocelyn owed $ 4.6 million. In addition, she paid 25 thousand dollars in property taxes. And a bunch of different debts.

A native of Switzerland, Jocelyn Perisset since 1978, was married to the art dealer and racehorse breeder Alec Wildenstein. After her marriage, Jocelyn made herself more than 30 plastic surgeries, spending four million dollars. She decided to make me look like a lioness because “Alex is so fond of lions.” The husband, however, changes of appearance Jocelyn is not approved. In the end, they divorced. In 1999, the decision of the court Mrs. Wildenstein received from her husband $ 2.5 billion immediately, and another 100 million annually in subsequent years 13. It was a record amount ever paid to the wife upon divorce. Alec in 2000, he married the Russian model Luba Stupakova, a novel which he had begun during his marriage with Jocelyn. In 2008, Wildenstein died from prostate cancer.

Thanks to mutilated her plastic Jocelyn widely known by the nickname Cat Woman and the Bride of Frankenstein.

In 2016, the socialite was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend, designer Lloyd Klein. The incident occurred during an argument in trump Tower.

Женщина-кошка Джоселин Вильденштейн растратила все свои миллиарды и объявила о банкротстве (фото)

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