Caught in the Trap season 2 : a result in 2020, with Elodie Fontan ?

Prise au Piège saison 2 : une suite en 2020 avec Elodie Fontan ?

Caught in the Trap season 2 : a result in 2020, with Elodie Fontan ?

Elodie Fontan is she going to find the bars of its prison, worshipped in 2020 ? The actress confided to the possibility of a season 2 of Making the Trap, the new series event of M6.

A season 2 for Trapped ?

This Wednesday, the 18th December, M6 broadcast the last few episodes of season 1 of Making the trap, his new series event worn by Elodie Fontan (Clem). The opportunity for the writers to conclude their stories and answer many of the questions, but also for the viewers to ask a new one : the fiction will come back the next year with a season 2 ?

A question which may seem surprising in the light of the last minutes of the final, but which is nevertheless logical. After all, Vis a Vis (Behind bars in VF), the series in Spanish-which is adapted to Trap, for his part, had the right to 4 seasons for our neighbors.

A sequel impossible

Unfortunately, Elodie Fontan was entrusted to our colleagues from Allociné, such a journey is not the order of the day on M6. Despite a shooting which has left good memories to all the cast, “The filming went very well, I loved to shoot with Karim Ouaret, which has a lot of talent“, the point to make up the cravings for a result, “We did not stop to inflate the prod and the real so that they consider a season 2. We did not stop to say, “get us a season 2, we want to continue to play these characters that we love ! You’re-you !“, the actress recalled that this adaptation had never been imagined for it.

It has always been presented as a mini-series buckled, “said she, and confessed, before adding later : “The series is not made for, it has not been designed like that. (…) There is little chance that there will be a season 2. This is not intended in any case“.

It will be recalled that Prison Break, other series prison, was not supposed to continue after season 1, and we have seen the result. So we need to know if M6 and the creators wish to follow the same path, and left to spoil everything…

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