Cecelia pregnant? The head of the Women’s Quarter commented on the rumors

Кекелия беременна? Руководитель Женского Квартала прокомментировал слухи

Faith Cecelia, Women’s Quarter

yesterday, 20:18

In the “Women’s Quarter” is still not confirmed, nor denied rumors of pregnancy singer Faith Cecelia. The star in Instagram publishes photos from photo-shoots that may have been made earlier. In addition, Faith has made a publication with a hint that a little fatter over the holidays. However, many of her fans believe that the actress is in an interesting position.

Кекелия беременна? Руководитель Женского Квартала прокомментировал слухи

Faith Cecelia with her husband visiting family Babkin

It was this shot that caused the rumors. Frame published on the page of the singer Sergey Babkin. In the review members noted that Faith accurately in anticipation, judging by their appearance.

Znayu could not ask question about a possible pregnancy Cecelia artistic Director of the “Women’s Quarter” to Alexander Pikalova.

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“I don’t know, ‘he answered with a smile. – She told me not to talk about it”.

Кекелия беременна? Руководитель Женского Квартала прокомментировал слухи

Alexander Pikalov

We said, maybe she gained a bit of weight, and wrote in the social network?

“She then just as quickly lose weight as recovered”, – said again with a smile, Pikalov.

He noted that new year’s eve worked together with the artists and the “Women’s Quarter” and “Quarter 95”.

“I’m happy when the team in the New year, so he needed someone, – said the comedian. – I am clever and beautiful, like the wild monkey. I’m the artistic Director of the “Feminine”, so I managed to speak with men and then with Women.

We will remind, earlier Alexander Pikalov celebrated his birthday – 30 January, he was 44 years old. On this occasion, he spoke about their first and last times in my life.

And the star of the “Women’s Quarter” Marta Adamchuk told about “squabbles” among the artists in the team. “Women’s Quarter” consists of 14 Actresses and three actors who joined the team last year. Little wonder how they can all work and no fighting?

Also Marta Adamchuk openly talked about the changes in “Women’s Quarter”, about where did the Nasty Short and what did girls Elena Kravets. In addition, the singer recalled his visit Elena Zelensky behind the scenes.

Before March adamczyk commented on your photo in a wedding dress. Is star married?

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