Celine Dion convalesces: her eldest son has found how to give him back fishing!

Small intentions are often the ones that matter most. Celine Dion can not say the opposite. While she was forced to cancel her concerts because of her health problems, Celine Dion received a wonderful gift from her son René-Charles.
For his fiftieth birthday , Celine Dion received the best gift. On March 30, the Quebec singer received messages of love from all over the planet. But it is in all simplicity that she wished to pass this course. In fact, it was with the family, with her three sons, René-Charles, 17, and the seven-year-old twins, Nelson and Eddy, that she spent the day.

Yet it’s live from Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas that Celine Dion was celebrating her half-century. An event she was forced to cancel due to health issues. The star is suffering from a disorder in the inner ear .

No way to depress. Celine Dion can count on the unwavering support of her fans, her loved ones – like Pepe Munoz – but also and especially her sons. Thus, his eldest, Rene-Charles, wanted to give her a beautiful birthday present . This is a very touching letter published in the Quebec magazine 7 Jours .

The opportunity for the young man who is now unrecognizable to thank his mother for all she has done for him. ” Mom, I love you so much for all the love and attention you we doors in Nelson Eddy and me. For the trust and encouragement you give me in all the things I do. For the courage you’ve always shown in the most difficult times, especially during Dad’s long fight against illness. For the strength you’ve instilled in everyone when he left us . ” Aggressive words that will not fail to give courage to Céline Dion before her operation.

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