Celine Dion launches new song in English

Celine Dion fans will have something to celebrate: the 50-year-old singer has announced on social media that she will launch a brand new English song on Thursday.
C éline Dion turned to their Twitter accounts, Facebook and Instagram to pass the short message “New song coming !! To be continued on May 3rd – Team Céline ».

This news will undoubtedly put a balm on the heart of the fans of Quebec, who had seen their favorite singer forced to cancel several concerts scheduled in Las Vegas – including the one celebrating its 50th birthday – because of a medical problem .

Representatives of Celine Dion had said that the singer suffered from a “middle ear disorder” or the Eustachian tube for over a year, which forced her to undergo a minor surgery.

This disorder would cause hearing problems and make “singing extremely difficult,” it was said.

Celine Dion is scheduled to return to Las Vegas on May 22, before touring Asia, Australia and New Zealand starting in June.

In addition, “Good Morning America” ​​has announced that the video of the singer’s new song will be premiered on ABC’s American morning show on Thursday morning.

Celine Dion’s new song will be on an English album – her first since “Loved Me Back to Life” in 2013 – whose release date has yet to be released.

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