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Celine Dion's sister gives news of the singer

Céline Dion's sister gives update on singer< /p> UPDATE DAY

Céline Dion was not in her best shape: she had confided, in a weak voice, on an Instagram video, that she was suffering from “muscle spasms”. The concern grew over time, especially since no certified news came to give an explanation for the silence of the star. It was her sister Claudette who finally explained what was happening to the singer.

In an interview with, Claudette said: “It's true that she has muscle spasms; I myself saw her with a twisted little leg.”

And the sister tries to find an explanation. “Several people who know Céline well from having worked with her often ask me if the famous slope of the theater, at Caesars Palace (in Las Vegas), could have disturbed the nerves or muscles in her pelvis…”< /p>

If she doesn't provide an answer to this question, Claudette, on the other hand, does bring good news. , she enjoys it, she gets pampered. And she will resume the shows. I heard that the rehearsals are done,” she said.

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