Censor Dany Laferrière

Censurons Dany Laferrière

If someone had told me six months ago that one day a well-known journalist would be suspended for quoting the title of a book, I would have burst out laughing, saying : “It is impossible. Even the thought Police the more radical would not dare go that far “.

Well, last week, this happened.

The CBC journalist Wendy Mesley has been suspended and is facing disciplinary measures for having cited the quebec classic white Niggers of America by Pierre Vallières.

Hey lala. Just don’t say to the leaders of CBC, Dany Laferrière has written a book that is titled How to make love to a negro without getting tired. They could make a syncope and require that any reference to this work will be punished by the law.


We live in a era mind-blowing.

Wendy Mesley had to publicly apologize for having used the word that nobody should use, and that starts with an ” N “. No, she has not treated someone a ” N “. Neither spoke of an ” N ” on the air.

During a work meeting, she cited the title of the book of Vallières and on another occasion, she reported the remarks of a journalist who said that he will be dealing with ” N “.

The management of CBC has conducted an investigation, disciplinary measures were taken against her, and his show has been cancelled.

Above all, do not say to the leaders of CBC that the quebec producer Robert Morin has conducted in 2002 a brilliant movie called The nèg’. And most importantly, do not tell them that this film’s coup-de-poing was a scathing denunciation of the racism !

Just don’t say to the leaders of the CBC that great artists such as Aimé Césaire and Lépold Senghor have invented the concept of “Negritude,” they defined it as follows : “négritude is the simple recognition of the fact of being black, and the acceptance of that fact, of our destiny as Black, of our history and our culture” .

Wendy Mesley wrote a long message flagellation on Twitter. “I’m totally sorry and I am ashamed “.

Ashamed to have quoted the title of a book ? Shame to have cited someone who has been a victim of racism ?


When this story came out last week, Patrice Roy of Radio-Canada responded on Twitter by writing : “Wendy Mesley is a good journalist. To quote the title of a book should never be a crime for a journalist. Otherwise it is a world worse than the one ready “.

It’s great that Roy has defended publicly a journalist colleague towards and against the direction of CBC/Radio-Canada. But, I wonder where was the courage of Patrice Roy during the last months and recent years when columnists and commentators denouncing it loud and clear that political correctness was suffocating the society in which we live ?

It makes me think of the fighters of the 25th hour, those who discover that they are a soul of resistant once the war ended.

Dear Patrice, it was time that you wake up.

It is just a pity that thou come out of thy sleep only when it’s one of your colleagues who is a victim of the thought Police.

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