Census 2021: Statistics Canada unveils its questionnaire revised

Recensement de 2021: Statistique Canada dévoile son questionnaire revu

OTTAWA – The next census of Statistics Canada will better collect data on the ethnic groups, aboriginal communities, or even on the language.

This was announced Friday, the federal agency by revealing its questionnaire. The forms, as well short as long, will allow to collect further information and demographic details, and thus better measure the increasing diversity of the canadian population.

Statistics Canada noted in its announcement that this change also reflects a desire clearly expressed by the canadian population”.

The population Census will be held in may 2021, has been provided Friday.

In addition to the content expected in the previous questionnaire of 2016, of new have been added, in particular on gender, the right of citizens to have their children educated in their first official language and the status of former combatants.

New issues will also help ensure that First Nations, Métis and Inuit are determined by means of a distinctions-based approach.

“As Canada grows and evolves as a nation, it is essential to understand its composition to be able to meet the needs of increasingly diverse,” said in a press release Anil Arora, chief statistician of Canada.

“The socio-economic trends that emerge from the analyses of the census are used to inform the decisions we make and affect our families, our neighborhoods and our businesses”, he added.

Recall that the participation in the census is compulsory and those who fail to respond to the questionnaire or who give false information are liable to a fine or imprisonment, or both.

The long form has been re-introduced by the Trudeau government, after having been abolished by the Harper government that had kept the form simple.

  • To see the questionnaire of the Census 2021: https://ow.ly/Rv1v30qZ5w3
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