Centraide of Greater Montreal is feared a significant loss of funds in the fall

Centraide du Grand Montréal craint une importante perte de fonds à l'automne

MONTREAL | the second wave of the pandemic, the COVID-19 could complicate the work of Centraide of Greater Montreal, to serve the community, warns the CEO of the charity, Lili-Anna Pereša.

“The collective challenge, it is from now on for the next few months,” she mentioned, adding that Quebecers have been “extremely generous” in recent months in their donations.

The increase in the unemployment rate combined with a lack of major events in the autumn for the collection of donations will complicate the work of Centraide / united way Grand Montréal. Ms. Pereša provides for a decrease of 15% to 20% of the funds collected in the fall.

“We will have distributed $ 20 million in emergency funds, but not enough money to meet the needs of organizations on a recurring basis. We cut our investments. This will be a challenge for us and our community. They will have to do the best we can”, she chained.

The organization believed at the start of the crisis, in need of $ 30 million per month – on the scale of Quebec – to support organisations helping vulnerable people. Ms. Peresa said that the whole has been filled by all of the actors, to his great pleasure.

Dated as of July 10, the emergency Fund COVID-19 of Centraide of Greater Montreal totalling $ 16 million had been allocated a sum of $ 7.1 million to 441 community-based organizations to enable them to meet the needs of vulnerable people and those who have been hurt by the crisis in health care. An additional amount of $ 5 million will be paid by 30 September.

The organization remains cautious and retains $ 1.5 million of this bottom side to help the citizens in the fall. “When the PCU is going to stop, it is sure that there are people who are [currently] of the amounts that will be taken by surprise”, which explains why the united way “to keep a margin of manoeuvre in the fall, stressed Ms. Pereša.

Since the month of march, the organization received 1396 applications for funding from 825 organizations for a total of 38,34 million $. As it does not have the money for all of the help, the united way collaborates with other partners to find alternatives, noted the CEO.

According to 211 in Greater Montreal, the number of citizen demands for assistance has reached record levels in April with 8741 queries, an increase of 239 % compared to last year. The queries of citizens amounted to 3952 for the month of June and go up to 1490 so far in July.

Centraide of Greater Montreal has distributed more than $ 65 million in the year 2019-2020.

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