CEO of La Poste in Lozère, tourist reservations in Gard, more resistant grape varieties… the essential news in the region

CEO of La Poste in Lozère, tourist reservations in Gard, more resistant grape varieties... the essential news in the region

L'essentiel de l'actu ce 12 avril 2024. ML

Chaque soir à 20 h 30, retrouvez les 5 informations régionales de la journée qu'il ne fallait pas rater.

The Hérault Valley on the path to gentle tourism

Saint-Jean-de-Fos. Opened to the public in 1964, the Clamouse cave (100,000 visitors per year) is celebrating this year its 60 years serving discovery and another form of tourism. It is also this desire to develop tourism "protected and sustainable" that was highlighted by those responsible for the Hérault Valley, gathered this Friday to launch the season. This year, the cave will house pottery from Ubeda (Andalusia) while the Saint-Jean-de-Fos potters' market will celebrate its 40th anniversary in August. With the 10th anniversary of the AOP Terres du Larzac and the 21st year, in July, of the Circulade vigneronne in Jonquières, it’s "the season of celebrations&quot ;.

The CEO of La Poste in Lozère

Mende. Philippe Wahl, CEO of the La Poste group, inaugurated the renovated office in the Lozère prefecture on Friday. The building, which was under construction for four months, benefited from 500,000 euros of modernization work. The staff unions, which demand better working conditions and an increase in wages, were able to meet the CEO. "We are looking to stay in Lozère. We are the leading business employer and we want to remain so. But we can no longer rely on the letter. We must develop new forms of presence", underlined Philippe Wahl.

The number of the Day: 28

Gard. As a percentage, the increase in tourist reservations for the month of September in Gard, according to a trend established by Gard professionals Tourism as of April 10. In May, the trend should be +11% compared to 2023; +14% in June; +17% in July and +24% in August. The Easter weekend, earlier in the year and with inclement weather, saw a drop in attendance of 29% in overnight stays compared to 2023 (293,000 compared to 411,000).

More resistant grape varieties

Béziers.Three resistant grape varieties were planted in Pech de Fonserane on approximately 30 hectares, three varieties all resulting from natural, non-GMO crosses. Each requested a work program lasting around fifteen years for an investment of 500,000 to 1 million euros. The goal is to take the iconic variety and make it resistant, particularly to certain diseases like downy mildew and powdery mildew. Merlot Khorus, Soreli and Sauvignon Rytos will thus be the subject of a life-size wine experience. L’Occitane winegrowers also planted Aramon to study its resistance to drought. The first harvest is expected in three years.

Elected officials want a director for the hospital

Millau.The mayors of the Millau Grands Causses community of communes alerted the Minister of Health to the vacancy of the management position of the Millau and Saint-Affrique hospitals. Since the departure of Sylvie Marty at the head of the two hospitals, Benoît Durand has taken over in the interim. A recruitment procedure for stable management had been launched and the person selected ultimately withdrew. During a second procedure, only Benoît Durand was a candidate. He went through all the stages before finally not being accepted. "However, it does the job, people say in the corridors. He could come with a whole team to the management and start a long job but he cannot as long as he takes over the position on an interim basis." "Maintain Mr. Benoît Durand in a unjustified interim work undermines the proper functioning of the two structures and further weakens the proper monitoring of the future hospital project, thus giving an argument to its detractors", underlines the mayor of Millau, Emmanuelle Gazel and the elected co-signatories.

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