Cersei Lannister was the best character of “Game of thrones”

Серсея Ланнистер стала лучшим героем "Игры престолов"

In second place is the brother of Cersei.

In less than a month in the world of cinema will host the premiere of season 8 of the series “Game of thrones”. And while there is an active promotional campaign ribbon, the fans make their own ranking of the best and worst characters of the series.

Renowned newspaper the Independent announced the results of voting of fans and formed the top of the 70 characters of a fantasy series. The first line was one of the main characters Cersei Lannister, played by Lena heady. Her skill is highly appreciated by the audience tape, because the fans are with her could empathize with the different events. Although she was one of antiheroine of the series, which did horrible things to achieve their own goals, but she was most impressed by the fans.

In second place is the brother Cersei – Tyrion Lannister (actor Peter Dinklage), who despite their low growth and some obscurity, was able to outwit the strongest enemies and hit you with its intelligence and wit.

The top three favorites of the series secured the third brother of the family Lannister – Jaime (actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), who for several seasons was in an intimate relationship with his sister Cersei, however, organized their own political games and at the end of season 7 even dramatically changed its position.

The first ten characters also includes characters such as Catelyn stark, Joffrey Baratheon, Sandor “the Hound” Clegane, Sansa stark, Brienne of Tarth, Peter Baelish, Robb stark. The last line in the rating favorites of the series took rickon stark, who was named “the most annoying child of the stark family”. On the last positions of the rating was also placed Robin Arryn and Renly Baratheon.


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