CES: YSL’s new gadget is a real lipstick “printer”

CES: YSL’s new gadget is a real lipstick “printer”

On the occasion of CES 2021, the renowned French company Yves St-Laurent has just created an electronic device that literally modernizes the way of creating a lipstick with which you choose the desired color directly on your smartphone.

Like a printer with color cartridges, the device Yves Saint-Laurent red tailor-made mix three pods of lipstick in different colors according to the settings of the eponymous mobile application.

After the colors are combined, the desired shade is created. The top of the device equipped with Bluetooth technology detaches to have on hand lipstick of the same shade to take away and touch up as needed.

Three ways to choose the desired shade

Lipstick wearers have three choices to define the shade:

  • The color wheel to select one from a wide range of colors;
  • Color matching that allows you to create one based on an outfit or favorite color from a photo; and
  • The shade stylist who uses intelligent algorithms to determine between three shades that would best suit an outfit, also from a photo.

The lipstick sets will cost US $ 100. To avoid duplicates, the cartridges are checked by an RFID chip like the ones found on our smartphones for payment by credit cards.

The device costs $ 299 and can be ordered today. Each pre-order includes two color schemes in the ranges red, nude, orange or fuchsia. Everything will be shipped in early spring. The device will then be more widely available in September. The device charges via USB-C cable and has a battery life of more than a week, according to L’Oréal, the parent company of YSL.

CES: YSL’s new gadget is a real lipstick “printer”

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