CF Montreal: Koné will not go to Norwich City

CF Montreal: Kon’won't go to Norwich City< /p> UPDATE DAY

For a few days this week, it was thought that Ismaël Koné would take charge of England, but it seems that will not be the case.

Des Serious and persistent rumors suggested that Second Division club Norwich City had their eyes on the 20-year-old CF Montreal midfielder.

There even seems to have been a agreement between Montreal and the club, and that it was when Norwich spoke with the player's agent that the agreement got out of hand.

“What is happening to Ishmael is quite normal in the sense that a player who has qualities, it is normal for there to be contacts,” said head coach Wilfried Nancy.

With a young team performing well in an expanding league, Nancy expects this to be the kind of situation that repeats itself.

“ From more and more, it will happen. MLS is growing, there are better players, teams are playing better, things are changing everywhere and recruiters are coming more and more to see what is happening here because value for money, it costs less. »< /p>

He just hopes that his young players who will be in demand will keep a cool head.

“There are two choices. Either the players have their heads on their shoulders and everything is going well, and that's what we're trying to create as an environment here, or they get fired up and they lose a bit of that humility and they get lost.&nbsp ;»


Besides, Nancy took the time to talk to the man who got a goal and three assists in 16 games at his first professional season.

“We discussed it and it will stay between him and me. I told him that I was not surprised and that I was happy for him, but that's the job that begins. The only thing where I put pressure on him was to have a good environment. 

He assures that the young man from Ivory Coast has a good head on the shoulders and focused on the task when distractions abound.

“Humanly, it's not easy for them,” insisted Nancy. Put yourself in their shoes. From one day to the next, lots of things happen, there's money, there's solicitations, but that's part of the job and that's why it's not easy.  »

Good place

So it won't be Norwich City, but we can expect to see Koné leave in the more or less near future.

Kei Kamara is a 37-year-old veteran and would have had no trouble seeing Koné leave for the English club where he played 11 games during the 2013 season. Norwich were in the Premier League then.

“He is a good young man with a great attitude. It's a great story and it's good to get attention. 

In his eyes, the English club have everything they need to satisfy a young player who is still in training.

“Young people manage to thrive in small towns where people have a connection to the club and Norwich is that kind of place where I have been well received.  »