CH alumni support Captain Suzuki

CH alumni support Captain Suzuki


Nick Suzuki is the right choice for the position of captain, according to some former Canadiens players we met on Monday, during the first Open Theo & Louis.  

Guy Carbonneau, Stéphane Richer and Patrice Brisebois participated in a charity event organized by José Théodore and Louis Morissette.

The event raised funds for the Véro & Louis, but also for the care, research and teaching of neuromuscular diseases at the CHU Sainte-Justine and the Marie Enfant Rehabilitation Center (CRME). 

To return to Suzuki, the three former Habs color holders believe that Kent Hughes and Martin St-Louis made the right decision. 

“Since Shea Weber left, the Canadian hadn't not named a captain, underlined Guy Carbonneau. I found that odd. He's the captain of the boat. This is the person the players are looking at. It was missing in the last years. 

“They saw something in Nick [Suzuki], but he was too young then. He wanted to see him react in different situations. It was a good time to give him the job. 

“With what he has done on and off the rink, he seems like the right person.”

< p>Stay yourself

Carbonneau was co-captain of the Canadiens during the 1989-1990 season with Chris Chelios. Thereafter, he held the solo position between 1990 and 1994. 

Does he have any advice for Suzuki? 

“He has to continue to be himself and not be afraid to speak his mind at times with his teammates. We are not all the same. At times, he will have to get up. He must speak from his heart.

“You don't become a captain overnight. It's something that comes over time.” 

As for Patrice Brisebois, he leaned towards Joel Edmundson for the position at the start. 

“If the organization made this decision, its leaders know that he is the right candidate and that he is an athlete who gives 100%. He's the one who's going to show his leadership. 

“I don't think Nick will be the type of person who's going to stand up in the locker room. When he's on the ice or in the gym, he's going to give it his all. By his work ethic, it will not give the choice to others to follow.

Memories of Tampa

Stéphane Richer also welcomes the decision of the leaders.

“Everyone says he's a good leader,” said the Canadian's last 50-goal scorer. Being a leader cannot be taught. Wherever he went, they said he was a gentleman and he respected veterans.

“He always won wherever he went. He has always been a top player. The future of the Canadiens is up to him.”

In fact, he remembers when Vincent Lecavalier was named captain with the Tampa Bay Lightning. At that time, the Lightning relied on several veterans like Benoit Hogue, Enrico Ciccone and Wendell Clark. 

“During his first appearance in the locker room, Vincent was a little nervous. He didn't quite know what to say. I remember Wendell telling him to let it go because it was his dressing room.

“If you are a good veteran, the young captain will not feel intimidated in the dressing room. I'm not worried about Nick at this level. In addition, the presence of Martin St-Louis, who is from the new school, should not be underestimated.