Chad Michael Murray (Brothers Scott) : “I almost died”, he tells of this terrible time of his life

Chad Michael Murray (Frères Scott) : "J'ai failli mourir", il raconte ce moment terrible de sa vie

Chad Michael Murray (The Brothers Scott) nearly died when he was a child

15 years ago, Chad Michael Murray was going to die. The one who played Lucas in The Brothers Scott suffered a lot and would probably be dead without the help of a nurse who saved her life. The star told this terrible moment of his youth.

The doctors “didn’t know what was wrong”

Chad Michael Murray, who played in The Brothers Scott, whose episodes of scenarios were inspired by real life stars in Sophia Bush, almost dying younger. This is what he has told the american radio SiriusXM, explaining that at the age of 15 years, his bowels were twisted. The doctors “didn’t know what was wrong”.

In fact, it was internal bleeding : “It seems so stupid – and believe me, I do not put my ego before saying it – but because I was in good physical condition, my abdomen was tight and when I started to bleed inside, my stomach was not dilated”.

The one who is to return in season 4 of Riverdale on Netflix said : “I am going to die. There was a priest at the end of my bed. I remember, it was the only time I saw my father crying”.

“She saved my life”

It is a nurse who “saved my life that night. Her name is Sandy, I will never forget it. She went against orders and gave me four units of blood, it saved my life that night” was even told Chad Michael Murray, that doctors were thus left to die without the intervention of the nurse.

This is also the time traumatic of his youth that was a trigger and he wanted to be an actor. “The only thing that really saved me of this time of life where I have missed Christmas and the New Year, it was due to the series and the movies that I saw on tv,” recalls the actor during his stay in the hospital. And I said to myself : ‘I want to do like this man. I want to give people plenty to smile about. This is what I want to do !” has he entrusted to you.

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