Changes to video replay in the NHL?

Changes to video replay in the NHL?


The general managers of the National Hockey League (NHL) hold their annual meetings Monday and Tuesday in Boca Raton, Fla., and among the topics discussed during the first day of discussion were the reasons why lead to a video replay.

As reported by TVA Sports journalist Renaud Lavoie, the GMs raised the possibility of allowing head coaches of the Bettman circuit to request a review in two specific cases: a stick in the face of a player and pucks cleared in the stands from the defensive zone.

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    For the moment, the referees must rely on their judgment and their vision of the game having taken place a few moments before to determine a sanction. Often, the more problematic sequences are the subject of a confabulation between the officials and the linesmen on the ice. The resumption is rather used to validate or cancel a goal.

    The participants of these meetings could come to recommendations, regardless of the specific subject, during their interviews, all of which can be announced on Tuesday or Wednesday, according to

    “These meeting days are always an opportunity to evaluate our sport and our product on the ice in a detailed and vigorous way, explained Bill Daly, assistant to the commissioner of the NHL. GMs experience hockey day and night for an extended period of nine months. They have the pulse as to what works in hockey and what can be improved. And their feedback is critical, if not essential, to the decisions we make in the league.”