Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan divorced : tensions because of the custody of their daughter ?

Channing Tatum et Jenna Dewan divorcés : des tensions à cause de la garde de leur fille ?

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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan divorced : they would quarrel about the custody of their daughter

Separated for a little over a year now, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have since rebuilt their lives each on their side. The actor comes out now with singer Jessie J and the dancer is pregnant with her new boyfriend Steve Kazee. While their divorce seemed to go well with the signing of a shared custody of their daughter, in reality the tension would have appeared. They would not agree on the planning of visits to Everly.

Jenna Dewan would be “in shock”

Between 2006 and 2018, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan were a couple of dream in Hollywood since their meeting on the set of Sexy Dance. But the parents of Everly, 6 years, ended in divorce. While the professional dancer has revealed the real reasons for their divorce, it would seem that the understanding has given way to tension. If their separation seemed to take place, both of which have quickly regained the love of him (with Jessie J and she with Steve Kazee), that is, the custody of their child, which would be a problem.

Channing Tatum reportedly filed legal documents to a judge in Los Angeles after TMZ to find a new agreement concerning custody of their daughter during the holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, Spring Break and even birthdays). Jenna Dewan would be “shocked and upset” because she “had already signed” a schedule of shared custody and would not agree with all of the dates of the new agenda.

Disputes have already erupted between the former husband and wife : “there are times where Jenna was working and asked to change the schedule, but Channing refused”. Other problem ? Alimony. “Our sources close to Jenna said Channing would not contribute financially to raising her daughter, but our sources close to Channing indicated that there was a bank account common especially created with the expenditure of Everly” has explained to the tabloid.

Channing Tatum would like to have a counselor of shared parenthood

The actor and dancer that you have seen in Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street would have been written in the legal document that has provided E! News : “During the last six months, it became obvious to me that a clear timetable and specific for the vacations is both necessary and important”.

“Because of our work schedules constantly changing, we need to be sure to be able to both work and spend all the two as much time with our daughter Everly” he added, “We had difficulties to carry out these arrangements without assistance, and this has led to confusion and conflict”. Pou avoid all these tensions, he would like to make a call to a consultant of shared parenthood.

Channing Tatum would also like to see a calendar FaceTime to Everly so she can still join and see her father when she is with her mother and vice versa. From her side, Jenna Dewan, who is currently pregnant with her new boyfriend, is focused on Everly : “The number 1 priority of Jenna is his daughter, and his well-being. She wants Everly to live in stability and happiness”.

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