Charles Marion case: “We want a public apology from the SQ”, says the grandson

Charles Marion case: «We want a public apology from the SQ


Charles Marion's grandson, Alexandre Marion, demanded a public apology from the Sûreté du Québec on Friday evening, failing which the family wishes to go to court. 

Mr. Marion, guest of Stéphan Bureau on the program “Le monde à l'envers”, briefly returned to the longest kidnapping in the history of Canada, during which his grandfather, Charles Marion, had been taken hostage for 82 days in 1977. He finally committed suicide in 1999, when he and his family were accused of being behind the kidnapping for ransom.

Alexandre Marion finally revealed Friday evening that, thanks to an access to information request, the family had obtained proof that the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) knew that Charles and his family were innocent, but had continued to fuel the contrary thesis.

They are therefore asking for a posthumous public apology from the police force, otherwise they say they are ready to go to court.

The document in question would prove on the one hand that when the father, Pierre Marion, had been subjected to a lie detector, the latter had revealed that the family was innocent, but the public declaration of the SQ would have said the opposite to this moment.

The family would also have obtained, through a letter, the information according to which the SQ had asked Pierre to meet him to confess to him that they knew him and his father Charles to be innocent. in the case, but had demanded a confidentiality agreement in exchange.

“It is not the fault of the public, not the fault media that rely on the police, it is the fault of the police”, assured Mr. Marion.

The grandson therefore accuses the SQ of lies, assuming that they would have acted because of the absence of other suspects to accuse in this case.

“We don't want to take them to court, but we will go there if necessary”, he said. he added, saying he was not worried about his statements. ations and the possible consequences that could follow.