Charlie Puth : his collaboration with Katy Perry, the critics, the lack of intimacy… he entrusts himself

Charlie Puth answers the questions of Purebreak.

Revealed thanks to the hits “Marvin Gaye” featuring with Meghan Trainor and “See You Again” in feat with Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth is income for Purebreak X PureCharts on its huge success. Criticism, lack of intimacy, his collaborations with Katy Perry, his third album… He confides.

A little over a year after the release of his album “Voicenotes”, Charlie Puth, has made his grand return at the end of the summer with the single ‘I Warned Myself’, and then with “Mother” and “Cheating on You”. It is on the occasion of the release of these singles that the singer and producer has granted an interview to Purebreak x PureCharts. He returned to the overwhelming success that he has experienced : “I never imagined I would find such a success but I was hoping for the living.”, he confided, adding, “I’ve always wanted to become a musician. When I was 13 years old, my parents took me on camera at the beach, and I called them my album art. I was doing the same fake CD. I was obsessed by the idea of having my own CD.”

Charlie Puth relies on the lack of privacy and the criticism

The more difficult for him in the fame, it is the lack of privacy : “The extreme lack of privacy, that you can’t find them. Sometimes I think back to this time where I had a life a little more private but I think I can still have the intimacy, it just depends on how you endure it. That is the biggest challenge. The good side, these are the restaurants. This is really the best thing.” Over the years, he has learned to take a step back from the criticism, he reads less and less : “In a wave of compliments, I found only one mean comment and I was doing a fixette above. It’s not worth the trouble.”

What will there be in his 3rd album ?

He also spoke of his collaboration with Katy Perry for a number of its titles, clip Mother, the recipe for writing a tube, but also of his third album. What will there be in it ? The one who said the summer of 2018 is no longer willing collaboration admits that there will be, as well as “a lot of music inspired by the early 2000” : “It doesn’t sound like a song from the early 2000s but rather a few keys here and there. It is a reflection of the pop music of my generation, of what I listened to growing up.”

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