Charlie’s Angels : the shooting in a short dress ? Kristen Stewart valid ! (Interview)

Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska in interview on PRBK for the output of Charli”s Angels

Merry Christmas… and good action film ! This Wednesday, the 25th of December released the film Charlie’s Angels directed by Elizabeth Banks and starring Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska. PRBK was able to meet with the actresses. Shooting in the middle of winter, kept very short, action scenes, check out their interview on PRBK !

Yes, it is time to open the Christmas gifts. But if you have the opportunity, why not also give themselves appointment in the rooms to discover Charlie’s Angels. The reboot of the famous franchise comes out may be this Wednesday, December 25, but it would be a shame to miss. In the film, Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska embody Sabina and Jane, the two angels who will help Elena (Naomi Scott), threatened after surprising discoveries. A film 100% girl power but also 100% bad-ass !

The action scenes… in a short dress !

Like any film Funny Ladies who respects himself, of course there are fight scenes but also kept short in the menu of Charlie’s Angels. The three actresses had to train in order to be credible on the screen. “We had four weeks of training but in the end, even the choreography of the fights that we have learned in the training have been changed.” entrusted Kristen Stewart to PRBK in our interview Off Screen to see in our slideshow. And don’t worry, to shoot scenes in a dress is no more a mess in pants ! “It’s easy enough to fight in a dress. It was pretty funny. I feel quite free.” explains the former star of Twilight.

In our interview, the actresses also conjure up the shooting in Europe (and in the middle of winter), their best memories of the filming and also speak of their complicity. Check out the video without waiting in our slideshow.

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