Charlize Theron shocked by the statement adopted son

Actress Charlize Theron explained why her 7-year-old son Jackson is wearing dresses

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Шарлиз Терон шокировала заявлением о приемном сыне

Charlize Theron

Hollywood star Charlize Theron, who recently openly spoke about his personal life, for the first time spoke about the upbringing of their children. Recall that the actress adopted the two children: son Jackson and daughter Augusta. Heated discussion in the network was the fact that Charlize calls Jackson’s daughter, and the boy was repeatedly caught by paparazzi wearing dresses and skirts.

To put everything in its place Theron decided giving review edition of the Daily Mail. “Yes, I also thought she was a boy – until, until she looked at me in three years and said that she was a girl. And so it happened,” admits the actress. She added how important it is to support their kids and allow them to be who they really are. “I have two beautiful daughters whom I, like any parent, want to protect and make happy. They were born the way they are, and not for me to decide what they wanted to be when I grow up” – said Charlize.

Recall that in January 2019, the world was disturbed by the news that Hollywood hunk brad pitt had an affair with actress Charlize Theron. Sources reported that celebrity Dating since Christmas and are very happy together. Later, however, Charlize has denied this rumor.

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