ChatGPT’s AI applications are multiplying around the world

ChatGPT AI apps are sprouting around the world


Let’s start with a fun example of ChatGPT craftsmanship that marries a technical definition of artificial intelligence (AI) with the style of a well-known character, Donald Trump.

Q. Explain artificial intelligence to me in the style of Donald Trump.

A. “Well, let me tell you, artificial intelligence is like having a computer that can think like a human being, only better, you know, really better. It’s like having an army of super smart robots that can do everything faster and more efficiently than anyone else. It’s like having a superpower, like Superman, except it’s a computer. And let me tell you, nobody knows how to do artificial intelligence like the United States. We are the best in this field, nobody can beat us.”

In finance

AI can be used to identify a target market or customer base, create a high value product that will deliver superior quality to its users, develop a pricing and marketing strategy, focus on attracting new customers and to deliver customer support.

As another example in finance, AI can design stock trading robots to look for very specific variations in categories of securities traded on the exchange.

In programming

ChatGPT can provide debugging support; it doesn’t just explain the bug, but fixes it and explains the fix.

In eCommerce

ChatGPT can compose specific emails for workflows. First, we let the AI ​​structure the content of the email, then we just have to personalize it with a personal touch. For example: have him write a welcome email to a new subscriber for a marketing newsletter, then make it witty, funny, and simple.

Or in this social media example of a product called Absolute Collagen.

  • Q. Write an Instagram caption in the style of Absolute Collagen.
  • R. Say hello to your most beautiful skin with Absolute Collagen. Try it now and see the #AbsoluteCollagen difference for yourself.
  • Q. Tweet about hair care in the style of Absolute Collagen.
  • R. Say goodbye to dull, damaged hair and get luscious locks with Absolute Collagen’s hair care line. Try it now and see the difference for yourself #StylingCare #AbsoluteCollagen.

You can also visit sites like to learn how you can reduce your credit card processing fees when selling online.

In education

In this English example, a teacher asks ChatGPT’s AI to create a fill-in-the-blank exercise to practice the past tense of verbs in English.

    < li dir=”auto”>Q. Create a gap fill exercise to practice the past tense in English.

  • A. I ____ (go) to the store yesterday. While I was there, I ____(see) a dress that I really liked, so I ___ (decide) to buy it. On my way home, I ___ (realize) that I had left my wallet at the store, so I (have to) go back to get it.
  • Q. Now indicate the answers. (Now please give me the answers)
  • A. I went to the store yesterday. While I was there, I saw a dress that I really liked, so I decided to buy it. On my way home, I realized that I had left my wallet at the store, so I had to go back to get it.

Or in this other educational exercise based on a simple question submitted to ChatGPT to create photosynthesis quiz.

  • Q. Create a quiz with 3 multiple-choice questions that assess students’ understanding of photosynthesis.

1 What is the main product of photosynthesis?

  • A. Water
  • B. Carbon dioxide
  • C. Oxygen
  • D. Nitrogen

2 In which organelle does photosynthesis take place?

  • A. The kernel
  • B. Mitochondria
  • C. Chloroplast
  • D. Endoplasmic reticulum

3 What is the source of energy for photosynthesis?

  • A. Sunlight
  • B. Water
  • C. Carbon dioxide
  • D. Oxygen

Smart search assistant

In this example, a firm like Elicit uses language models to automate research workflows, such as parts of literature review. The AI ​​program can find relevant articles without a perfect keyword match, summarize the takeaways from the article based on a question, and extract key information from the articles.

While answering researching questions is the main focus of Elicit, there are also other research tasks that help with brainstorming, summarizing and classifying texts.

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In marketing

The deployment of artificial intelligence has been increasing for several years and transforms little pretty much the way marketers work. ChatGPT can generate answers to questions and provide information on a wide variety of topics, making it a very effective tool for content creation. ChatGPT talks will be on the rise, this one Wednesday, March 22 , from noon to 1 p.m., Alexandre Gravel, co-president of Toast Studio and Myriam Jessier, marketing trainer, SEO consultant and speaker at PRAGM, will present a webinar on the use of ChatGPT in a marketing context. Register here on this link.

And examples are multiplying in all spheres of activity, in science, education, art, music, cooking, etc.

One thing is certain, 2023 will be the flagship year for the democratization of artificial intelligence.