Cheerful Polyakov for the first time spoke about their everyday concerns: “I Suffer every day…”

Жизнерадостная Полякова впервые заговорила о наболевшем: "Мучаюсь каждый день..."

Polyakova daughters

today, 10:03

Pop diva Olga Polyakova, who in season 10 joined the judging team of the show
“X-factor” on the STB, shared in their social networks live performances of baby-sitting their daughters
on the show. Lyudmila Bazelyuk for 15 years in the family of the singer. Having lost her husband in a rented apartment, she was forced to leave in another town, 7-year-old daughter and go to work. Speech by Lyudmila on “X-factor” brought Olga Polyakov to tears.

His emotions, the artist decided to share on his page in social networks, which also
thanked Ludmila for so many years gives warmth to her children.

Жизнерадостная Полякова впервые заговорила о наболевшем: "Мучаюсь каждый день..."

“This statement, I can’t ignore… the nanny of my children, Lyudmila Bazelyuk runs in our family for 15 years, and first came on the scene “X-factor” with a touching song “Donya”, which he dedicated to his daughter. It was so heartfelt! Lyudochka like you, I also leave their children, and suffer from the guilt every day. But this is our job and, as they say, destiny. You gave me a chance to build a career. Thank you, I am happy that I have such a reliable person like you,” wrote under the video Olya Polyakova.

A touching video has not left indifferent and stars of show business.

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Жизнерадостная Полякова впервые заговорила о наболевшем: "Мучаюсь каждый день..."

“All right, let’s go make patches for the eyes! Cry,” wrote in the comments under the video, the singer MamaRika.

“We could not hold back tears as many. How touching, with pure soul and love. It’s incredibly beautiful. The love of Mothers to their children is always a special feeling. Olga, thank you that at the time he trusted the man and helped in its difficult and not an easy period of life. Thank you for this song” – thanked presenter Elena Filonova.

Жизнерадостная Полякова впервые заговорила о наболевшем: "Мучаюсь каждый день..."

“The fellow nurse, UMNO! Tanna I,” wrote Alexander Ponomarev, who, incidentally, wrote the song “Donya”, performed by Ludmila on casting. “I weep,” – left a comment singer Natasha Koroleva.

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Also Znayu wrote that Loboda was shining breast.

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