Chef Danny St-Pierre at the microphone of QUB radio

Le chef Danny St-Pierre au micro de QUB radio

The auditors of QUB radio will hear a new voice this summer: that of Danny St-Pierre. Through three interventions per week, the award-winning chef will come and talk about various topics related to food.

His contributions to the morning show Pierre Nantel began Monday, then that it was a question of the time of strawberries in Quebec.

Danny St-Pierre will also be entitled to his weekly column at the sides of Vincent Dessureault in the middle of the afternoon and to her rendez-vous with Jean-François Baril, upon returning to the house. It will be of interest to the food industry and catering.

Also since Monday, the auditors of QUB radio on the web ( and through the application can ask the ear on four new appointments, summer animated by Pierre Nantel, Caroline St-Hilaire, VIncent Dessureault and Jean-François Baril.

In addition to the radio. Danny St-PIerre is at the origin of the initiative gastronomic and musical “The fork and the microphone” (, a series developed with the Phi Centre and to which it is possible to taste up to 2 July.

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