Chekhov talked about the car crash and suddenly remembered the pregnancy: “my Favorite photo”

Чехова заговорила о Заворотнюк и неожиданно вспомнила беременность: "Любимая фоточка"

today, 09:55

Famous Russian TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov decided to answer the questions of his fans on the social network Instagram. So, one of the questions subscribers Chekhova was a request to show the period of her pregnancy.

The presenter did not refuse the request. On the contrary, Chekhov got so inspired by this question posted a number of shots where depicted with a big belly.

“This is my favorite pregnant photo”, signed photograph of Chekhov.

Чехова заговорила о Заворотнюк и неожиданно вспомнила беременность: "Любимая фоточка"

Чехова заговорила о Заворотнюк и неожиданно вспомнила беременность: "Любимая фоточка"

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Note that the leading son Solomon was born in may 2012. The child’s father is actor Guram bablishvili. Lovers have designed only three years later – in the summer of 2015. And in 2017 divorced. The boy lives with his mother, but regularly sees her father and occasionally going with him to Georgia.

Earlier, Anfisa Chekhov commented on the disturbing news about the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. The presenter told us that he tried to contact her.

I wrote, but anything intelligible have not heard. And I understand that there is nothing to impose. The man is now undergoing its processes. God grant that all was well“, without going into details, he said Anfisa.

Recently in mass media there was information from the doctors that Anastasia’s secondary glioblastoma. It is also reported that the condition of the actress is improving and doctors make optimistic forecasts. It became known that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk removed the tumor without hurting healthy tissue and she is now undergoing rehabilitation therapy.

We will remind, the car crash may be behind bars, but not so simple: who was driving actually.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, Anfisa Chekhov showed the true face: “What is LGBT…”.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote in Zavorotnyuk found secondary glioblastoma doctors commented on the diagnosis of “My fair nanny”.

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