“Chemist” battle beat “Polytechnic” in the match of championship of Ukraine on basketball

«Хімік» з боєм обіграв «Політехнік» у матчі чемпіонату України з баскетболу

Photo taken from FBU

The team of Vitaliy Stepnovskogo on the home parquet defeated unyielding “Polytechnic”

Kharkiv, feeling the taste of victory in the last game in Odessa, and was close to another victory, however the hosts still did not let the opponent to catch up in the last 10 minutes to turn the game around.

The second half also started with a jerk of yuzhnenets: Americans Edwin and Jones executed a successful attack and increased their lead his team to 15 points, informs an official site of Federation of basketball of Ukraine.

Politekhnik tried to win at the expense of accurate far, however, the team of Vladimir Koval in this quarter, did not really work on the floor.

In the end the third 10-minute period was lost to Kharkiv with a difference of 12 points.

However, in the last quarter of the guests still found the strength. Kharkiv quickly reduced the difference from -20 to -6 and made Vitali Stepnovskogo to rebuild the team in the last few minutes.

But still to bright the outcome is not the last seconds not reached the yuzhnenets still managed to maintain his lead and didn’t allow the opponent to get the score close. 94:82 victory “the Chemist”.

“Chemist” – “Polytechnic” – 94:82 (18:19, 29:17, 28:20, 19:26)

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