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Cher recounts Tina Turner's final months

Cher recounts Tina Turner's final months


Singer Cher visited Tina Turner in the final months of her life.

Following the May 24 announcement that Tina Turner had passed away at the age of 83, Cher appeared on The Beat with Ari Melber on MSNBC and revealed that Tina was “very happy” despite being “very sick” in the last months of her life.


“I started visiting her because I felt like I needed to spend this time on our friendship, so she would know we hadn't forgotten her,” Cher said. We all took turns going to hang out with her and that made her happy.”

The first time Cher visited Tina Turner at her home in Switzerland, she recalls, she warned her that she didn't have much time to spend with her. 

“Five hours later, we were laughing like crazy and she wanted to get up to show off everything she had bought in the house,” Cher recalls. She was having a great time even though she was really sick and didn't want people to know.”

Cher also shared that Tina Turner had “her dialysis machine in her house “. A dialysis machine filters the blood and is typically used by people with kidney failure or end-stage kidney disease.

Tina Turner suffered from kidney disease and her husband Erwin Bach donated a kidney in 2017. No cause of death has been announced, however.

“She fought this disease for so long and she was so strong as you think she would be, but I know that towards the end she once said to me: “I'm really ready. I don't want to put up with it anymore,” Cher recalls, without specifying what disease it was.

“She gave me a lot of strength sometimes and I gave it to her too. I think we were perfect friends for each other, honestly,” she said.

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