Cher still feels very young after turning 77

Cher still feels very young after turning 77


Cher celebrated her birthday on Saturday.

On her 77th birthday, Cher posed a rhetorical question to her millions of fans.

“OK, can someone tell me… When will I feel old?” This is ridiculous,” the Believe singer wrote on her Twitter account, adding, “I keep hearing these numbers but honestly I don't understand them. What is the problem ?

The Mermaids star, who doesn't feel like she's 77, joked, “I'm dyslexic, numbers are hard for me. “She has, at the end of the message, thanked his fans. “Thank you for staying, I know it's been hard, I have to go practice,” she concluded.

Cher hadn't heard from the club for two months. social network. In fact, since splitting from her boyfriend, 37-year-old Universal executive Alexander Edwards. The couple had been dating since last November and had sparked engagement rumors before breaking up. Not fooled by comments about the age difference, Cher had conceded about her relationship during a previous appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show that, “on paper it's kinda ridiculous, but in real life, we we hear very well. He's fabulous.”

“And I don't give men things they don't deserve,” Cher added.